U.S. Open Whiskey and Spirits Championship

2023 U. S. Open Whiskey & Spirits Championships Medal Winners 
The 2023 U. S. Open Whiskey & Spirits Championship proudly announces the medal winners and Grand National Champions.

Cincinnati Distilling in Milford, Ohio won the U.S. Open Whiskey Championship after winning 2 gold medals, 3 Silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. Their Single Barrel Straight Bourbon was a favorite among the judges. Over the past 4 years, Cincinnati has finished in the Top 3 each year. Besides the 7 medals in the whiskey competition, Cincinnati also won 2 bronze medals in the spirits competition.

Silver Fox Distillery in Arthur, Ontario repeated as the  U.S. Open Spirits’ Grand National Champion by winning 5 medals in the Spirits categories consisting of 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals. Silver Fox Distillery is the only Canadian company to win the Grand National Champion’s Plaque in the 15-year history of the U.S. Open Championships.

Judging in the U.S. Open Whiskey and Spirits Championships is blind; the judges know only the categories and do not know what they are tasting. The first round of judging was held in Oxford, Ohio at “The Barn”, while the finals were held at Big Ditch Brewing in Buffalo, New York. The U.S. Open works with the Niagara College Teaching Distillery in Ontario. The final round of judges consisted of Niagara College’s Instructors and industry experts from the surrounding area.

Here are the top 5 Whiskey and Spirits Distilleries:
Top 5 Whiskey Distilleries
1. Cincinnati Distilling – Ohio
2. Moylans Distillery – California
3. Nearest Green Distillery – Tennessee
3. Weldon Mills Distillery – – North Carolina
5. Acre Distilling  – Texas

Top 5 Spirits Distilleries
1. Silver Fox Distillery – Ontario
2. Dayton Barrel Works Artisan Distillery – Ohio
2. Gamblers Bay Distillery – Florida
4.  Safe House Distilling Co. – New Mexico
5. Dark Door Spirits – Florida

A complete listing of all the Whiskey & Spirits Medal Winners: